The Black Bathtub


 About this project...

The Black Bathtub refers to a project that researches abuse during my childhood. The bathtub played a central role in that abuse. It represents the pain and at the same time it is the tool for ultimate relaxation today.

On this page you will find thoughts and reflections.

I want this research tor result in a performance, a movie or an installation. The means will have to serve the content. At this point the medium is not clear.

2 Feb 2020

I started the project. And I have set some goals. For now I'm still working in my fulltime job until May. From May 2020 on I will have more time to study and create. The main goal now is to create a scenario that can later find output as a movie, a performance, or maybe an installation. The medium will have to serve the content. While doing so I am studying Final Cut Pro, learning to create simple soundtracks in Garageband, getting some knowledge on storyboards. The whole project is based on the diary I kept since as long as I remember.

March 2020

I started painting again. Painting and sketching. Never expected to enjoy that again.

I'm still inspired by the time in Thailand. At the same time I had quit an emotional time in February. At one time I was wondering the streets of Brussels crying. Passed by an arts & crafts supplier, found my way in and bought mysefl this little sketchbook.

14 June 2020

Finished 'Perfection' a new drawing and decided to give it it's own place. 

20 June 2020

Finished 'Perfection #2' it's a new step in my research. The feeling I have while creating is thrilling. I love to actually be in my atelier and work.

July 2020

I'm confused. Like all the time. I see presidents use language I would never teach my child. I am experiencing Covid-19 and all the stress that it brings... I realize how attached I am to paterns even though my paterns seem rather wild to 'normal' people...

14 August 2020

Summer in Oslo, I'm in my man cave. I prefer calling it my atelier however. Anglophiles seem to not know the word funny enough. It is in their dictionary though. My atelier feels like heaven. It is my place of no compromise. And the place although not being the most luxurious one gives me my freedom. So check out my new works on the artwork page... see how I am continuing my research.

Bits of text from my diary...

January 1983
Mom to me: "I am the way and the thruth and the life" She wrote it in my friendship book

"Am I Jesus?"

27 May 1991
"My mother is God but I am weak"

29 May 2020
"What does being an artist mean?"

Creating moving images...

Water was always important. I used to swim. I do scubadiving now. The bathroom is an important place. Washing but also unwinding. I made this small video in Thailand while contemplating. There was this amazing bathroom in my hotel, that inspired me while creating.

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