January 8, 2021


January 6, 2021. In Washington - United States, an exuberant mob storms the Capitol, heart of the American democracy. The far right, QAnon and the Proud Boys intimidate and destroy.

We watch the event with disbelief. How is it possible. How can this happen while a few months earlier, a force, armed to the teeth had been deployed at the same place to subdue Black Lives Matter activists. And today the oncoming violence is led in with velvet gloves.The difference in approach is hallucinatory. Incomprehensible!

One of the hotheads is Jake Angeli, also known as the QAnon Shaman, the tattooed man with the fur hat and horns. January 7, 2021. My friend points out a picture of Jake Angeli. I don't see it right away. I have to zoom in on the photo before it becomes clear...

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At first I was completely devastated.

The pattern, tattooed on his torso is exactly the same as the pattern I use in my drawings. And I do not want to relate myself to these people.

Thanks to-Bboy-Aero-D

Who is entitled to use patterns and symbols ?

The Swastika icon will be the best known example of a symbol that was given another meaning. While in Eurasian cultures it is an ancient religious icon used as a symbol for devinity and spirituality, the right-facing swastika was adopted by several organizations in pre-World War I Europe, and later by the Nazi Party and Nazi Germany before World War II symbolizing German nationalistic pride.

So I wonder and I ask myself wether or not I should continue using this pattern or leave it and find something else. But then again no!...Let us not exaggerate. Just because one crazy man has a tattoo with characteristics of a pattern that I have been using for quite some time does not mean that I have to stop working.

Vigilance is of course required.


January 4, 2020
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